Dialogue + Design featured on Virginia Home Grown

This July, Christine and Reed were featured in an exciting edition Virginia Home Grown.  There they discuss the basics of permaculture and sustainable living.  Take a tour of their home and see how they’ve incorporated permaculture gardening, straw bale construction, passive solar housing, and bee keeping into their property.  Then join Christine in the studio for a demonstration of how to incorporate sheet mulching into your home garden.  Together, Reed and Christine demonstrate how we can all live more locally and sustainably.

Watch the whole segment for free at the Virginia Home Grown website.

Christine's permaculture expertise

Christine shares valuable insight into her home permaculture garden.

Garden provides habitat for wildlife

A variety of plant species provides both a beautiful, sustainable garden and a habitat for wildlife.

Berries growing on shrub

Growing fruit on perennial trees and shrubs is easy and delicious.

A sustainable home blends in with nature

This sustainable home blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

Raising chickens at home

Keeping chickens at home provides a supply of delicious eggs and helps manage garden pests.

Reed interviewed regarding bees

Keeping bees at home promotes garden health through pollination as well as delicious honey.

Solar hot water panels

Solar hot water heating is a sustainable way of providing hot water to our homes.

Sheet mulching demonstration

The video segment includes a wonderful sheet mulching demonstration.