Dialogue + Design Associates is a multi-disciplinary, public-interest design firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia, focusing on helping citizens, localities, and organizations build a stronger future through collaboration, architecture, environmental design and community planning.

With our partner organizations, the San Luis Sustainability Group and the Institute for Environmental Negotiation, we offer a diverse array of expertise to meet our clients’ needs today while helping them acquire the tools for a more sustainable tomorrow. We look forward to hearing how we can help your group or organization. Please contact us.



Collaboration in group setting

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We work with individuals, organizations, and government agencies to develop consensus, collaborative problem-solving, and community-building through our facilitation, strategic planning, and collaboration services.  We offer a variety of services including:

  • Community visioning and idea implementation strategies, including grant-writing and resource identification
  • Conducting issue assessments and stakeholder interviews
  • Strategic planning and watershed planning
  • Meeting design, facilitation, and creating reports
  • Consensus-building and collaborative problem-solving processes
  • Charrettes for organizations, agencies, and communities
  • Project evaluation



This is a beautiful kitchen remodel.

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With a focus on environmental design, we offer multi-disciplinary architecture services to private, commercial, and institutional clients built on building science, sound construction, and beauty.  We work at multiple scales including:

  • Single family homes
  • Site Analysis
  • Master-planning
  • Public Charettes
  • Construction Administration



We work with clients to develop permaculture plans for urban, rural, or community sites, leading to increased self-reliance, resilience, beauty and regeneration of the land and its inhabitants. There are three general levels of permaculture design we offer (tailored to the needs of individual clients):

Permaculture design example.

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  1. A site visit involves coming to a site and discussing the goals, options and vision for the site with the client. A site visit usually ranges from a few hours to the whole day (and can focus on a specific area of the property or site).
  2. A Schematic Permaculture Design involves an initial site visit to learn more of a client’s goals, hopes and options for the site, and the creation of schematic permaculture designs and maps for the client with potential permaculture scenarios.
  3. A Detailed Permaculture Design involves developing a permaculture plan with moderate to significant detail. This option involves initial site visits to conduct a site analysis and assessment to gather information and create a permaculture plan for the site. The design frequently includes specific plant suggestions, timing, phasing and installation details.

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Singing Farm Illustration

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Drawing is a core element of what we do. It helps us to understand a project’s context and see possibilities whether the image is a quick sketch or a meticulously composed image. We offer professional illustration and rendering services as an integral part of our design and facilitation processes for publications and for individual clients that are beautiful, unique, and effective. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we craft the medium and the content of each image especially for each individual project. It has been our delight to illustrate for:

  • Various Publications
  • Public Charettes
  • Marketing and Fund Raising
  • Private Residences and Sites